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Carve your name into those shining stars

Well, the New year has passed a week ago, but I decided to give myself a little longer break. :) It was awesome, the party, the people, although It was cold outside and we didn't move from mine and my boyfriends apartment. I hope you made a list of New year resolutions. I did. I kinda have a feeling this will be my year. I'm tired of not experiencing life to the fullest. This year is reserved for adventures, hard work, loving, caring, parties, studying and in the end SUCCESS! Enough with the talk. Let me show you how we were dresses. I did a DIY project while I was home, and these are the photos. Love xx.

These are the pary hats me and my two friends were wearing :)

    Party glasses inspired by collection of MIU MIU :)

  We kind of overdone it, but hey, New year is a good reason to celebrate. :)
 And in the end..

I'm wearing red Berskha dress and my friend is wearing purple H&M dress

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