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Elastic heart

Yesterday my friend Marija and me were working hard. I must thank her for amazing photos she took of me, she's amazing person. I was thinking how I don't want my blog to be just another fashion blog, so I decided to write about everything that inspires me, and by that I mean absolutely everything. I'm a philosophy and art history student, and I love what I study, so I decided to post essays, philosophic thoughts and quotes that I learned, and that helped me to become the person I am today. For a long time, I was not happy with who I am and with what I do, but I feel like it's coming together finally. People say that when you start doing what you love, things fall in place. That is actually right :) It feels so easy, and people say it isn't, but it is. It really is. When you have a million problems, and stuff you don't know how to deal with, all you have to do is dedicate yourself to that one thing that makes you happy, and let all that stuff that pull you back resolve by it self. When I started writing this blog I tought, a world doesn't need another blogger, it needs a person who will change something. So as I was talking to my mom she said to me that, the more things you do in life, the more experienced you will be, and that every experience is good one, because, if it's good it's good, and if it's not it's a lesson, you learn something, and you grow. All the things I did in life will help me to build something that will matter. So here are some photos from amazing yesterday.
P.S. it was reaaaally cold. :) love xx

Thanks again to Marija for these photos, that were taken in Rijeka. I'm wearing top from H&M, skirt is too from H&M and chain from New Yorker.
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