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I've come to a few conclusions today. Let me first say that this will be, probably my last post in a role of a future philosopher. This does not complete me. I'm torn apart between college, hanging out with my boyfriend and this blog. I have found that I can't devote myself to several things with my full self, that is why in every aspect of my life I feel like somethings missing. I have found that you can't do several jobs with full commitment because you won't complete either one of them. Past few days I've been sad about the fact that probably no one reads this or thinks that it is good material, even tought I write on this blog for myself, it kind of makes you sad when your work is wasted.So I decided that the thoughts I'm putting in this posts will find a better use in some other aspect of my life, like writing a book or something. I don't have enough time to devote myself exclusively to fashion, and life in fashion industry. To follow news about fashion shows and designers because I'm not a part-time college student, but full-time. That means that I spend approximately 8 hours of day on college and stuff I need to work on, for college, when I come home. This is my dream, to blog, to inspire, to share, to take photos and be photographed, and go around all day just drinking coffee, and talk about deep stuff. From now untill summer, when I really gather the time to devote myself to this blog, this will be a place where I will post whenever I feel like, posting my photos and quotes that inspired me, and my thoughts, well they will be put in better use. So untill then I will devote my time to fully studying and finishing college with excellent grades so in the future I can do whatever I want.Untill nex time, these are some photos my friend David took of me. I always felt like I'm not allowed to dress the way I dress or that people will look at me like a freak, that is mostly because I've grown up in a small town where everyone gossips and people look at you like you're an idiot when you dress unusual. But when I better think about it, that is just a barrier in my mind that I've finally decided to collapse because it does no good to me. The point of todays post, final post of this kind is to be free. To be yourself no matter what, to dress like you want and say what you want, to not be restricted on anything, to do whatever you like even tought no body else does it. Remind yourself that your time doesn't have to be compared with the time of others and that if you really want something, you have to work hard to get it. Let your success be your noise. Love, S.

This post I dedicate to my boyfriend and my mom who are my sense and guide whenever I feel like falling.

Leopard skirt- Berskha
Leather jacket- Berskha
Blue sweater- H&M
Hat- H&M
Backpack- CCC

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