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All we ever have is right now

I must admit that I love reading books. But not books that you read and say ''Oh well that was a good book.'' and just that, I love books that got me into thinking, words that inspire, concept of an book that doesn't leave me indifferent. I love to think, and my brain works all the time, but this last book I red just left my mind blank and got me feeling with my Being. I'm talking about a book from Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now. I study philosophy, and I finished my second year few months ago. I love the fact that every new philosophy book I read, every new thing I learn never goes to waste because I remember a lot, and I always put together pieces of other people's philosophy like, Berkeley's, Hegel's, Descartes's, Kant's, and in every one of them find something that I feel is right for me to live by. One of my favorite books so far was from Lou Marinoff Plato, not Prozac, I found last year on a bookshelf of my summerhouse, and still didn't find out who brought it. I'm not a big sign believer but I think this book found me, not the other way around. I must say I was kind of lost at my first year as a philosophy student, but this book opened up my horizons, and placed me back into fact that I was a born philosopher, just didn't know it at the time. But let's talk about Tolle's Power of Now. At first I must say that I was convinced it was all a big pile of nonsense. Last Christmas I bought my boyfriend a set of three books by James Borg; Body Language, Mind Power and Persuasion. He red them all in a few months but I didn't find enough time because of all the literature the college program sets for us. When I was feeling very low, I started to read Mind Power, and I must say it helped me a lot. I gained power over my mind, that means I gained power over my life. What you give power to has power over you. :) Even the events that happened were a lot easier to pull through and resolve situations I couldn't know how to handle before. I had a great fear of presenting my seminars in front of other people and professors, not to mention the fact I failed on two terms of my exam from logic because I was afraid.. So, at the first 20 pages of Tolle's book I was skeptic a lot. Mind Power helped me to conquer my mind and gain control over it, but first thing Tolle's book says is that us and out minds are not the same thing, and that mind, even thought is a powerful tool, it still has limits when it comes to connecting with out true Being. Tolle says that mind creates ego which is actually a false preview of us that is limited by, well almost everything that is superficial, like for example, our outside looks, financial status, social status, and so on.. As I got deeper into reading I felt opened to everything that man had to say because I almost never felt words to be so true inside myself as much as I did while I was reading that book. His thoughts got me a lot into thinking. This kind of book is not a book that you read in one sip, or only just once. This is something you should always return to when you're not feeling connected with your true self and that is exactly how I felt for the last couple of months. Some people may think I't bull*, some may find it empowering, but for me it opened up something different in me that I knew was always there but hidden below the surface.. I will not say ''Read it it's amazing!'' but it is and you should :) Different things affect different people in different ways. For example, my best friend doesn't believe in soul and spirit so much as I do. She believes that everything we do, feel, how we react and how we are can be explained by brain connections and neural impulses in our brain, and that works for her perfectly. My boyfriend believes that everything is in the mind, not brain, mind, and that works perfectly for him. I could always understand different angles on other people's views on life and everything, but could never make perfect peace with any of them, any of philosophies, anything. When I was maybe third grade of high school I red Buddha's quote that said something like Never make peace with anything that doesn't corresponds with your inner self. That carved so deep in my mind that I just couldn't forget it and always when I found something new, couldn't make peace because it never truly corresponded. Until now. What I love about Tolle is the fact that in his book he quotes Jesus, Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, but still doesn't classifies himself as any of their follower, and doesn't belong in any kind of philosophy school or movement, to say it like that. Point is that everyone, every single being on this planet has something that works for them, some call it brain, or mind, some call it inner power, some call it spirit, but in the end it is all the same thing. Because behind all that is us. Us from our head to our feat, our brain, heart,inner spirit or power all of that is captured in one living creature, us, always completed! We make ourselves move, we make others move, we make planet move. It doesn't matter which one of this works for you, you alone have to find it and feel for yourself.. I think I found something that moved me to move myself in this book. I started to live in the now, this moment that is happening right now, and I exist in it. You can dream about the future of be sad about the past, but that is just a limitation. Don't count on future to bring you salvation, because you will wait forever. There is nothing better to do than to live right here in right now, to be present and to experience true life, not just have life situations.. These last few days inspired me a lot to write more. There are still a few things craving to be expressed. :)

These photos my mom took few days ago. It was magical, hot, but magical :D We went shooting at 7 a.m. to avoid the heat, but when you're taking a vacation at Pag island heath always catches up with you, even that early. Thank you mom, for being my mom and all that.. :)
Love always, feel everything and be in the now. Love, S.

Hat and kimono-Stradivarius

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