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Yesterday I did a little project taking photos of my essential stuff for summer. Since I'm at Pag in my summer house, there is no good space or lightning to take quality photos of clothes and accessories, so, I decided to be creative and went outside to make something different. In front of my summer house is a little park with trees and bushes so that was my starting place. I must say that I troubled a bit with the enviroment and scenography, but after few hours of shooting my photos turned out quite nice. The point of all this I wrote is that even thought your comfort zone is good and safe and you know where you stand, often it's better to step outside of it and try something new. You will definitely enjoy the new experience, even if it's just a little out of the ordinary. The most important thing is to never give up, especially if it's about something you love. That is why I decided to make this blog a little bit about everything that inspires me and makes me grow as a person, not just fashion even thought it's one of that things :) For the next couple of months it will be my time to try all kind of different stuff, diy projects, people photography, vintage postcards, healthy thinking and so on. I hope you will enjoy my blog just like you did until now, and that you will experience this amazing journey with me. Enjoy your summer lovelies, until next time. Love S.

Scenography! :)

Kimonos are something I fell in love with this spring, the black one is from Stradivarius which is my favorite brand. Second one is from sportsdirect uk which is mainly web page for sports equipment, but they have amazing everyday clothes as well.

This adorable colorful kimono I bought in Locker in Vinkovci where you can find all kind of amazing clothes from different fashion brands. A month after I bought it I found one just like that on sportsdirect as well. I love to combine them with crop tops and denim shorts. :)

This skirt was probably the best buy ever, it is my wining combination with simple black crop top in which I passed two of my hardest exams this semester :) aaaand it is also from Stradivarius. Sometimes I spice up that combination with this amazing denim vest from Berskha.

Loving the lace pattern :)

For coffee lovers like me this shirt is must have, my mom bought it for me in New Yorker and for herself one in white :) Shorts used to be long denim pants with leopard pattern from New Look I bought 3 years ago. I wore them maybe twice, so I decided to crop them to see how will it turn out, and now I don't take them off. I will do a tutorial on how to cut your long denim pants into something cute like this when I come home.

Crop top <3 absolute love, no further comments on that! (Stradivarius also, but I think you can find these basic models in every store like H&M) This lace shorts I wanted to buy for almost 2 years but could never find right model until previous month, New Yorker still has some good stuff. 

Princess shoes as I like to call them, cost me only 45kn in CCC. This store has amazing backpacks and shoes, but this was spot on! They are perfect for beach, night out, everyday, and they have glitter on them, how amazing is that! :)

This backpack is something I have for almost 6 years and it was a gift from my aunt when she came back from Egypt. Models like this you can find in SOHO, and even in Plodine which is basically market for food and kitchen needs.

Two main accessories for me this summer are these vintage round glasses from Stradivarius and this bohemian necklace from Locker. It can spice up your everyday combination and since the only colors are black and silver, you can pretty much wear it with anything.

And what would summer be without a bikini? This one is two different bikinis in one because I like to combine, both of them are from H&M and even thought they are from last season, they are still amazing. The ''tooth'' on zipper is a small detail in dark red just like bottom, so it matches good :)

Something I never leave house without is my diary :) Essential in every time of the year.

If you want mermaid hair you can buy Got2Be beach waves spray which is based on salty water. All you have to do is spray all over your hair while it's wet or dry, and just squash it a bit and let it dry. It costs only about 23kn and you can find it in DM, Bipa and similar stores.

And in the end, ''pareo'' which is basically a really long wrap and you can tie it as you wish. You can buy it in any booth at seaside cities where they sell all kind of different nik-naks, and it is practical  when you hurry to get to the beach as soon as possible  :)
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