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Sea of love

Hello everyone, I'm hoping you're enjoying your summer like me. On Wednesday I've spent the whole day ''on tour'' with my parents. My mom has her own home-craft ''Kich Sapunich'' so every time we're on vacation, we have to go to Zadar, PakoŇ°tane, Biograd and other seaside cities so she can carry off her soaps in gift shops. I stand beside my claim that my mom is one of the most craftiest, creative, ingenious people I know. She teaches me so much.. Here's a link of her page on facebook so you can check out her amazing work  :) https://www.facebook.com/kich.sapunich
While we we're on the road I've decided to take a few photos of places we've been to and make vintage postcards. I love lomography and polaroids and I hope I will raise enough money this Christmas to get myself one. Here are some photos of my trip. Next few days I'll be working on a healthy project, I will do a little book review and maybe write a philosophy post.. :) Keep up and remember ''Always keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you''. W.Withman 
Love always. S. 

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