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live to express, not impress

I'm a crafty person. When I discovered pinterest it was one of the best days of my life :) I discovered amazing people and things to do and craft. Since I've finished art school I'm used to express myself through my hands and when I create something I feel complete for that 2 minutes, than I want to create more. The thing that bugs me most about my college is that we don't make anything through our hands, so when I study I make most colorful notes with a lot of pictures and doodles because black words on blank paper don't amuse me. It's very useful for me because my mind works better when every script for my exam looks like a childs color book with images of churches. Since semester ended untill now, all I did was DIY projects for my mom, my friend and for mine and my boyfriends apartment. I didn't get to post any of the stuff I did because I simultaneously do 4 projects. But here it is! First DIY post on this blog, and much more are coming. I think it is important to create as much as it is important to learn new things. It makes you grow, and it develops a creative part of yourself. This project I started doing when I was at Pag. My parents and I collected pine cones all around the beach like bunch of crazy people, they used it to light a barbecue fire, and I made mobiles. My friend wanted bongo drums and didn't know where to buy it, then I told her we can make them whan she comes My next projects are waiting for me so this post will be short. All I wanna say is, express yourself and create something even if it sucks. Important thing to do is just keep going and working on things you love and that make you happy. If you started doing something 2 weeks from now, untill now you'd be 2 weeks better at it :) so start today, do today for a better tomorrow. Love always, S.

YOU WILL NEED: -branches
                                 - pine cones
                                 - golden spray
                                 - rope
                                 - feathers

Sticks on this image I used to make arrows but in the end I didn't use them on my mobiles. But here is an image of how they turned out. Maybe I will use them for something different :)

I love the gold dipped feathers, so here's a tutorial.

Cut a piece of paper with scalpel and stick feather under the paper so you spray only on the tips.

I wanted to paint only bits of my branch, so I wrapped it with tape so the color is properly deployed :)

I sprayed pine cones from the bottom to the top, so only bottom and edges are golden.

Wrapping rope around feathers and branches is a sensitive work, and I can say I struggled a bit, but after my fifth node I was a pro :) Pine cones are amazing to work with because you can just wrap around and fix rope in the little holes between every part, just like on this photo.

Here are the results. This one I made for my moms work room, and I can't wait to see how it fits :)

Second one I made for my apartment, a little different, inspired by indian tribe art.

Glitter golden dots :) and ''arr
ows'' I made with white acrylic paint.

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