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''It's important to write while it's still fresh. Yesterday I found out that my boyfriend, cats and I have to move from our apartment because our landlord's son got into college here at Rijeka, and it's rational decision for them that he lives here in our place. I must say, that kinda broke me because our apartment is pretty amazing, new and cozy, but I guess something else was ''ment for us''. We moved to this apartment a year and few days from now after living in awful place in which we froze during the winter, and expenses on water and heat were above normal. When we found this apartment I felt blessed, like it was a gift from above. I started to interpret it as good coming back my way for all god I did during my year. I love change, because change means new challenges, and if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you. I think I got a bit to spoiled and started to love this place too much, that's why it was so hard for me to hear we have to move out. But that is a life of tenants. My boyfriend is always the sane and strong side of our relationship and he always finds a way to cheer me up. Even thought I became more emotionally stable during these last couple of months I wasn't ready for this. All evening yesterday I felt like I'm gonna break down because I know how had it is to find an average apartment in Rijeka, especially at this time of year when the college is almost starting and new generations are moving here, looking for apartments just like us. That miserable feeling didn't pass untill this moment. I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe that things are the way they are because you let them be, and that you are always in control, even when stuff happen to you and are not caused by you. For a brief moments of shock most people forget what they believe in and what they give power to, so they break down, and so did I. I lied down and tought about my life, tought about how lucky I actually am. Most of the girls my age still live with their parents or somewhere with their friends because not many parents allow their 20-year-old daughters to live with their boyfriends, but my parents do. Flashback to my life at highschool, all the drama, pain, lost and everything felt so far away now that I know I will never step back to it. Gratefulness is something to start each day with.. Gratefulness for this life, in this amazing city that flows, with my boyfriend after all bullshit we went through, for our adorable cats we adopted from the shelter and gave them home and love, for my parents that are best people in the world, for my best friend that completes my circle of self, for all my family, warm weather that came back, trees, birds, flowers, coffee, moon.. Gratefulness for an opportunity to find a new place that will maybe be even better than this one, that this occasion brought me and my boyfriend back together, that as I lied down in our bed and thought realized that this is our time. Change. It is inevitable, but why resist it. Change isn't always a bad one, sometimes change means that there are another something out there that you should do, try, be,go.. I don't believe something better is ment for us, because that is fatalism and I'm not a fatalist, but there is something, and it's up for me to go and choose between options. Make my life as I want it to be, take control, always bless and never feel sorry for anything, because life is too short to resist something you can only accept. When you accept things that happen to you, that you can't change, you are in control, and then, from that accepted situation, you can maximise your options and make your best move. Everything changes so it's important to accept that change so it can become your friend and not your rival. Love always, S.''

I wrote this post 2 weeks from now, and from then untill now have been probably one of the most turbulent 2 weeks of my life. So much has changed in every aspect of my life, and it has become difficult for me to keep up with all the events.. I didn't write on my blog for very long time, didn't find time for photosessions, some really sad and terrible things have happened, and some pretty amazing ones to. I've learned in this 2 weeks, well to be honest this whole year, the amazing fact that you HAVE TO enjoy every single minute of your life, be in love with every single moment, pay attention to every human being that's important to you and appreciate everything good that you are given because you can never know when can that good thing be taken away from you.. Always look on the bright side, and believe, believe that even tought times can sometimes be rough and sad and dark, it can't rain all the time.. I apologize soooo much for my long absence and not posting anything for a long time. Now when everything has settled down for a bit I will have time to process all my photos from photosessions and adventures. I love you people all so much, and I can't wait for tomorrow to post my story from these last 2 weeks, but now I have to make a delicious dinner and hit the beach with my boyfriend. Shine on forever, S.

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