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Take the wild ones they're my favorite

These last couple of days, I have been very busy working on DIY projects so let me start by apologizing for my long absence. A few days ago my mom sent me a pretty amazing article from Elite Daily. The title was Eleven reasons why you have to be ''crazy'' to suceed in life. The article points out few amazing people like Hemingway, Dali, Jobs, Warhol, Lagerfeld who were all pointed out like crazy ones when they did something out of the box. The reason why they were called crazy is because they did something different, and were different from mediocor people. These people pushed boundaries in everything they did. If you want to acomplish something amazing and new, you have to think differently and unusualy.. This article inspired me to write a post about being ''crazy'', or lightly, just being different and doing something new. Here are some tips from article I red.

1.) Crazy people don't care what others think- This seems easy, but most of us still live under opinions of other people and we do everything in our power to make that opinion best that can be. In that process we lose ourselves and everything we originaly imagined to do because someone might not like it. That leds to a completly miserable life that you lead waiting for other people to clap at you, and if that doesn't happen you fall in depression. The sooner you decide not to care about the opinion of others,you will have more courage for absolutely everything you are doing, and that leads to more progress in life and in the end happiness.

2.) Crazy people think outside the box- We live in society that is limited by all kind of things. Consequentialy we start to limit ourselves to norms of society and we do as society does. Did you know that sheep can walk and walk one behind another in circle for a really long time because all they follow is a but of a sheep infront of them? Well that's most people today. We don't do anything different because it is not approved by society's ''normal''. But some people don't think like most, some have more wider horizons and are not bothered by something that is ''normal'' or ''generally accepted''.

3.) Crazy people are not introduced with the rules, or they just don't care.- (the following is one of my favorite sentences) '' Rules were made by people who lack imagination, so they can control genious, creative minds.''  The question is this. How can you create something that is amazing, different, new and in the end, most importantly, yours, if you are constantly limited by instructions of other people and the way they do things? Why are you afraid to think above something that already exists?

4.) When you say ''no'', a crazy person hears ''I challenge you''.- Crazy people take word ''no'' as a challenge to prove that you are wrong. This is genuinely amazing because there are more no's than yes's in this world. How many times did you wanted to do something but someone said ''No you can't do it. You are weak.'' or ''You are not capable.'' It's not about proving them wrong, most importantly it's proving yourself right, and the first part is just a reward. For what it's worth I personaly believe in this, that our wish for self-preservation, refusing to quit, finding another option and self-confidence to stand up after you fallen, are things we need in us so we can become something.

5.) Crazy people are crazy enough to believe in themselves- This one is something I needed to hear a long time ago, as most of us do. Recently I've watched a video in which a sketch artist draws 2 portraits of a person not by looking in them, but listening to how they describe themselves. First portrait is a person illustrated by description they gave of themselves. Second one is the description a best friend or a boyfriend gave. Results were very different. The first portrait is much ''uglier'' and incorect than the second one. Reason for that is that we don't look that pretty in our own eyes as much as we do in someone else's. We always think of ourselves less than we actualy are. This may be a case concering looks, but you can use it in this case too. We don't believe ourselves, we are ''not sure'' and are always doubting in everything we do. When I was in highschool we got an assigment to make a fashion illustration on some theme. I always knew what to do and how to do it, my mentor was always honest to me, when it was sh** it really was, but when it was good I just couldn't see it, and the more I looked at it, the more I brought myself to hate it. It's not about being a prefectonist, it's about believing that even tough something you create sometimes sucks, it is important to believe in yourself that you will do better next time, or maybe take two steps back and look at it to see that it is not bad after all. We can't always have someone that will suport us in everything we do. That's why we need us, and should believe in ourselves and everything we do. In todays world everything is competition because there are a lot of amazing people that are really talented, but that is not a reason for giving up, on the contrary, it is a reason to believe in ourselves and become better than we are now. Some people will make their dreams come true, and it's not that those people are more talented, smarter or better than you. It's about the fact that those people are strong and special enough to believe so they can get what they want.

6.) Crazy people are not shackled by fear of failure.- ''A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions- as attempts to find out something. Sucess and failure are for him, answers above all.''- F. Nietzsche. The constant fear of failure is one of my biggest flaws because even tought I'm not perfectionist, I feared to fail. Most people are shackled by this break that doesn't allow us to take risks and make progress. When it comes to crazy people, they are not afraid to fall. They dive right in beyond the surface while everyone else is just floating on it. People are afraid that there are things beyond that surface that can hurt them, and by that, they are protecting themselves from the bad. But unfortunately, also are missing the good.

7.) Crazy people do not ask for a permit- They just do. They are not limited by the fear that they might get into trouble, to do something revolutionary.

8.) Crazy people are glittering entities with heaps of a star power.- You know when you meet a person and you can feel them? Feel their energy? It doesn't happen a lot with people who don't have self-confidence or people who dislike themselves. But sometimes you meet a person and you can feel their positive energy.. That's one's personality. Their sucess is a direct result of the fact that they are different among everyone else, and that they don't fit in the crowd.

9.) Crazy people are rich with wild integrity- Every leader of social revolution was called ''crazy''. The reason for that is the fact that crazy people can't be silenced when it comes to truth.

10.) Crazy people are driven by passion, not money.- This is very important. In today's world, money is everything and it defines everything we do. Some people get into some buisiness, driven by passion, but money overcomes that passion at a certain point. Other people are in at the beginning because of money. That's why majority of people hate themselves and their job. When money is the main goal, a person can't make it far. Passion leads to bigger and better sucess than the wish for money can ever do.

11.) Crazy people are crazy enough to trust themselves.- Some call it a sixth sense, but I believe we all have it. It's the power in us that drives us to something, our inner instinct, the feeling that only few of us follow. To suceed or to do something different, you have to follow that feeling because it comes from the most important place, inside of us.

In the end, I believe you don't have to be crazy to follow these points. You just have to decide to trust in and yourself, and to think a little bit outside of box. Like the line from Caroll's ''Alice in Wonderland'' :

“Have I gone mad? 

I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.”

Here are some photos of Punat, I took a week ago. I hope you enjoyed my post. Love, S. 

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