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So, yesterday I came back from my second vacation on island Krk in a little place called Punat. I stayed with my grandparents and my aunt, and absolutely loved it. My summer so far has been busy, and I can feel myself grow from all the trips and hanging out with great people. My photography has improved and ideas and inspiration I find in everything. Todays post will be short because I just came back and I want to spend more time with my boyfriend and cats :) I found that it is very important to always move, and my aunt tought me that. She is 67 years old and looks like she's 40. She always travels with her husband, and together they saw the world. It inspired me to work hard for everything I want to accomplish. I believe that traveling is one of the things that can make you richer than money can. Also, if we're supposed to live in one place we would have roots, not feet.. In a couple of days my best friend, and my boyfriends best friend will come visit us for a couple of weeks. I'm excited to hang out together. Marija and I have a lot of plans, always, and I can't wait for her to come so we can go on adventures, drink smoothies, take photos, and explore. I will be busy these last couple of days working on some DIY projects, and finally redecorating my apartment, so new posts will come soon. I didn't write for a week now, only collecting ideas, so untill next philosophy, and fashion post keep up. :) These photos I took when I was at Pag. It is a lovely little town. I hope you will get inspired by this amazing place and decide to travel more than usually, because there is lots of beauty out there that is just waiting for you to see it.
I hope you are enjoying your summer, and quote of the day is Work hard, eat well, exercise daily, drink a lot of water, adventure, and travel as much as you can. Love, S.

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