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Art is a way of survival


Helloo my lovelies. My Wednesday was amazing, even thought it's Sunday, I had to write a bit about it. I spent the whole day in creative expressing and walks through town. Vinkovačke jeseni is an amazing festival full of people from all around Croatia and even Europe who come to visit their relatives, but also to participate in various activities and programs arranged by people who organized Vinkovačke jeseni in the first place. I spent my a.m. hours working on a project for our booth. I made a sign with our logo so people can spot us better. :) I can admit that it was pretty challenging, but determination and hard work lead to amazing results, and here is my final product.

In the evening I decided to go to opening of an exhibition by group called Contra from Zagreb which was held in Vinkovci's main gallery Slavko Kopač. From their facebook page I found the next: ''The group Contra brings together nine academic artists and more than ten joint exhibitions and fifteen-year activity in the creative and cultural field, one of the longest-running non-formal art associations.'' And the following photos are some of my favorite works.

And here they are. With the gallery's curator in the middle. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay until the end because I was in a rush to visit another exhibit in Vinkovci's photo salon Meraja. This space was church of St. Elias from 11th century. Today it's redecorated as an exhibition space, and it's Vinkovci's photo club main space for gathering. This year's theme was Croatian journal photography. Exhibited photos are ones chosen from famous photo magazines and they represented events that marked last few years in Croatia and Europe. I must admit the fact that this exhibit left me breathless because of all the amazing timeless moments forever captured by, as I consider, one of the man's best inventions in history. The most amazing thing about photography is that it never changes, even thought people, their feelings, states and even places where they are eventually do. They wake up emotions inside of us, nostalgia, empathy, they move us, they leave us breathless and inspire us. Through it, and art in general, we express deepest parts of us. Photos that moved me most were ones taken in times of great floods in our areas at east Croatia last year. In them, you can see people trapped in their homes for days without food, clean water and even electricity, waiting for the help to come.. But my favorite is one of Zagreb's train station taken just when the sun started to go down. There is something in those broken sun rays and steam coming from the train that touched something locked deep inside of me..


On my way home all I could think about was photography and the fact I'm never leaving home without my Canon. I realized that every moment is uncertain so you never know what can happen, that's why it's important to have your camera with you to catch that one timeless moment for eternity. Since today is last day of the festival, my laptop is full of beautiful photos from different events, people, and parts of the town. Every day I separate a few hours when I get back from work, to process my photos so I can make a photo diary of Vinkovačke jeseni as I promissed and post it on blog as soon as I can. I hope by this I'll be able to bring you a little bit of magic from this amazing event. Until next time, I'm leaving you with an amazing song I recently discovered. So remember, bring your camera wherever you go and happy clicking :) Sea of love, S.

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