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Yesterday I decided to sit down with myself and make some changes with my blog posts. One of ideas was season playlist for every season of the year, and since summer is sadly over, it's time for warm sweaters, hot coffee, good books and ''cozy'' music. I know cozy isn't an adjective for music, but when I listen to this songs that is how I feel no matter where I am. All songs from this playlist are pretty old and were my favorite ones to listen to when highschool year was starting, so I'm sharing with you a bit nostalgia too. Yesterday I took my dog for a walk and passed by a park near by my house, through where I walked every day for four years of highschool. I looked over to my boyfriends old building and apartment, and passed by ''Nostalgia'' which is a coffee place I spent most of my time then.. Everything was the same, but I was different, and I didn't feel connected to everything like I did last year when I was here at the same time. Everything is subordinated to change . Just like seasons, we need to allow ourselves to change at the right time and leave stuff we need to leave behind us, because if we don't, they may come back and pull us down with them.. This place will always be my first true home, but a vise person once told me ''Go where your soul is dancing.'' and every time I'm away from that place I'm remained to where that place is. :) I love all of you amazing people who read my blog, it means a world to me to know that someone is supporting me in what I do and appreciate it. I got a bit emotional, but in the end- stay happy and love each other. S.

Air France- It Feels Good To Be Around You
Oliver Tank- Up All Night
Groove Armada- Think Twice
High Highs- Open Season
Evening- Friend (Lover)
Groove Armada- Crazy For You
Snowmine- Let Me In
Oliver Tank- The Last Time
Seapony- Sailing
Work Drugs- Dirty Dreams
Flunk- Blue Monday
Of Monsters and Man- Love, Love, Love
Work Drugs- Rad Racer 
Seapony- I Never Would
Oliver Tank- I Love You 
Grimes- Skin
XXYYXX- About You
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