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Post blue

Hey there! Well, summer is over and it makes me really sad. I'm one of those people who could live in tropical areas where summer lasts all year. When it starts to get colder I get depressed, but exciting things are happening now so I'm pretty happy and on the move all the time. I am back in my hometown for 'Vinkova─Źke jeseni' which is autumn festival in east Croatia, and this year it will be its 50th anniversary. I won't say much until my next post because I will do a photo diary and write a bit about it. My mom is a very crafty person and as I mentioned a few times, she has her own home craft Kich Sapunich, so we will have a booth in which we'll exhibit our products. The fair starts 11th this month and finishes 20th, so I hope you'll maybe have time to visit. :) Since it's raining aaaal day long I didn't go on any photosesions yet, but I hope the weather will lbrighten up soon so I can enjoy these last couple days of holidays before the start of college semester and all the duties that follow. I know this year will be hard since I'll get more demanding subjects like Renascence and Metaphysics, but I can say I'm pretty optimistic about it! New challenges, new changes. When I get back to Rijeka I'll have a lots of work with moving to my new apartment but I'm really looking forward to it all. Since I don't have any new photos for you, here are some of my favorite photos this summer. As you can seeee I have a new Blogger template, so you can click on social media icons below my profile photo to follow me on instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc. Much love to you all and cross your fingers with me for a bit nicer weather. Love S. :)

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