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Vinkovačke jeseni photo diary

Hello everyone :) so glad I finally found the time to write this post and publish all photos I took at Vinkovačke jeseni. All of the people I spent my time with were absolutely amazing, happy and inspiring and I will always remember them and the great times we had this year working in our booths. Absolutely wonderful event and 10 great days in my hometown, I couldn't spent it better. If you follow me on instagram you already know that I moved to my new apartment here in Rijeka and I must say that I'm overwhelmed with happiness and excitement about everything that's happening..I finally found the courage to let go of the bad things that held me down, and made a great space to build the new.. Today's post will be very short because I have much on my agenda for following week so I should get on that. I must say that I really enjoyed this summer, and I think it was the best one ever. I am grateful for all amazing people in my life and positive energy that surrounds me. Important thing to do is find a light inside yourself, and carry it around, spread it, than you will always be okay and life will become your best friend. Radiate. Until my next post, stay happy and beautiful and positive. Sea of love. S.


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