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Apartment inspo

Hello, hello! After six-hour drive I finally arrived home in Vinkovci where I'll be for a few days before I have to get back in Rijeka. Every time I'm home I find time for new blog posts because it's the only time I can ever sit down and post something without thinking about college and it's obligations. Today's post is about apartment inspiration (as you can see from the title yaas). Recently, me, my boyfriend and our cats moved to our new apartment that seriously needs redecoration. When you live in rented places there's nothing much you can do with the place because it's not your, but now that I have my own place, I can finally express interior creativity that's been piling up inside of me for years now. I'm a serial piner (truth thouh), and today I'll share with you some of my favorite ideas on apartment decoration from my Pinterest boards. As a blogger I NEED white spaces with much light for my photos, so I'll paint everything in white with neon, boho details with plants everywhere. So excited for this long journey of designing and decorating. Hope you'll also find something for your apartment/room that'll be useful. Much love to you all, S.

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