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Autumn paradise

Recently I was home in Vinkovci for a few days because I had an extended weekend, so I decided to use it to visit my family before all the exams start. Coming home is always nice when you have people who look forward seeing you. My days were spent on shopping with my mom in Osijek, working on our land where we'll plant lavender for my mom's home craft, visiting my grandparents in Slavonski Brod and reliving my old memories from the place I grew up. Weather was spot on, so we had a great opportunity for capturing autumn's magic. I must say that I'm not a pretty big fan of autumn since I live in Rijeka, where it's raining all the time in autumn, but these few days changed my mind about it. Cold weather bathed in sunshine, leaves, cozy clothes.. Every time I'm back I refill my batteries and get inspired mostly by the 6 hour ride in which I have time to listen to music, look out the window and think. But also from my amazing mom. She is my biggest inspiration and motivation for everything I do. Even in her 40's she's chasing her dreams, working on something she loves, and tries her best to succeed in it. Every time I feel like giving up I remember her and that hard work pays of. Thank you mom for being so awesome!
Clothes I'm wearing are new in from my latest shopping trip :) I must say that I fell in love with this polka dot shirt I bought in Zara! Always classy. And the weather was finally warm enough to wear my favorite boyfriend jeans I bought in Pimkie. The photos captured the atmosphere perfectly and when you're in the mood, everything turns around in your favor. Until next post much love to you all. Kisses, S.

Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Pimkie
Jacket- Berskha
Boots- Catwalk
Bag- Mulberry 
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