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Cacti and succulent care

Hello everyone. :) Today is about something a bit different. Some of you who know me personally, know that my favorite plants are succulents, and it has been like that since I was a kid. My mom is a big succulent lover, so that I inherited from her. Since I moved to Rijeka two years ago I didn't bring any of my plants with me, but I collected some new ones. Some of them I bought at different fairs, some got for my birthday, but eventually they all died.. :/ The main reason they all died is lack of sunlight. Apartments I lived in for the last two years weren't that good environment for my plants. I have two cats that are two years old and they love to jump and climb all over the house and I couldn't make any changes to the places I lived in because they were rented, but now that I have my own apartment, I can make a little succulent/cacti, cat friendly environment so everyone is gonna be pleased :) Few months ago I started collecting cacti and succulents again, so now I'm a proud owner of fourteen plants, eight of them are succulents. Since I knew a little about caring for them, ( when I lived back home my mom took care of watering and everything ofc) I spent hours on the internet searching for some caring tips so I can share them with you if you're a succulent lover like me and have some of your own too. But first here are some photos of my mom's lovely little plants.


As some of you may know, ''succulent'' is a general name for every plat that has swollen part that can hold excess water, so they can endure extreme dry conditions. The ''container'' can be in leaves, stem, even roots. So this word doesn't refer to a particular type of plant, but it actually describes a characteristic of a plant. This helps us understand them so we can take better care of them.


When you first plant a succulent, plant them in a well draining soil made specially for them. When first planted, make sure you water them until the soil is damp, then allow soil to dry out until you water them again. If your soil has shrunk from sides and became hard, you've waited too long. Succulents need room to grow, and even though the small ones are cute, if you want to grow them bigger you need to occasionally repot them. It will help them live longer.


Worst enemy to succulents is over watering. You need the soil to be relatively dry, so water them only when your soil is getting on the dry side. On spring/summer when the weather is warmer, water them frequently, and check the soil often. Make sure your plants are planted in a well draining pot. If you want to plant them in a non draining container like jars or mugs, make sure you leave plenty of room for drainage. Or, if you want, you can easily drill holes at the bottom of a container.


Succulents love warm spaces, but never put them in direct sunlight, because they are gentle plants and can have sunburns. You need to give them air circulation, so fully closed terrariums are not an option. I have one from Ikea (you can see it in photos below) but I always leave ''the roof'' open.



Cacti prefer a well drained soil. You can buy one at the local gardening store, or you can mix two part compost of ed soil and sand.


They love sunlight, so the more the better, but remember first to check what particular specie is your cactus because different species need different kind of lightning. The best place for them is south west or east exposure. If in shade turn them around towards the light every now and then to maintain even growth.


The best way to check the cactus soil is placing a wooden stick or a pencil in the soil. If the soil sticks to it, do not water them! When you do water them, give them plenty of water, but slowly and carefully, then let the water drain through the drain holes for a few minutes. In low light winter months, water only enough to prevent shrinking and withering. As the amount of light increases in the spring, so does the plan's need for water. Soil should always be allowed to dry out completely between the watering. Tip- the older plants have bigger ''water containers'' so they can go longer between watering.

Annd that's it, few quick care tips. I hope this will be helpful to you if you have a little succulent garden of your own. Below are a few more photos of my lovely plants. Sea of love, S.

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