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the 7 joys

Hellooou lovely people! Recently I've been getting inspired and working on some new blog ideas that will freshen up my blog a bit, so I decided to put in a new monthly theme called ''The 7 joys''. In the end of every month I'll post 7 things that made me really happy. From new clothing pieces, books, movies, events, songs, people, stories, etc. I love sharing happy inspirational things, so maybe they can brighten up your day too.


Best buy ever. When I saw it I immediately fell in love. Cozy, warm, long, white, with perfectly cute pink fringes equals the scarf of my dreams. Plus, I get to combine it with lipstick the same color. :)


I saw these few weeks ago when my boyfriend and me went shopping for utensils for painting our apartment and furniture. They were pretty expensive but I couldn't stop thinking about how cute and practical they are. When I went shopping with my mom, we ran into sale on these! How luckyyyy am I? :) I must say they look amazing on my white shelves in the kitchen. 


I was hooked on Delilah the minute I heard it. Definitely my favorite song on the album along side the Queen of Peace. Florence is amazing as always, voice like an angel, music videos are art, not much to say except listen and let the music fill you in. :)


Not a big fan of tea, because I've been drinking coffee since I was 8th grade of elementary school. I eat meat and animal products. Guilty as charge, but I love trying out new food.. I was vegetarian a year and a half, but it didn't work for my body that well. I must say this tea blew me away because it's different, natural, calming, relaxing, and it's coconut flavor! :) 


As I wrote in my latest post, every time I'm back I refresh, refill, get inspired.. I'm grateful for my amazing parents, my closer and further family and this little time every year we get to spend together. My parents talked to me, inspired me to be the best, to never give up on my dreams, my mom made me coffee, took me shopping, we went shooting for my blog, cooked mexican food because she knows it's my favorite, my dad downloaded movies so we can watch together while I'm home, remembered I wanna a watch and ordered me one exactly like. My aunt, her daughters and my grandma prepared a box full of pretty stuff for my apartment, including toaster, muffins, jars filled with candy, and my cousins wrote lovely letters for me that are pined on my refrigerator. My grandparents cooked us delicious lunch and cookies. I played games with my youngest cousin Jakov, walked my dog and played with him in the field where I grew up. Thank you my family for being so amazing to me. I love you all so much.


Week ago my high schoold friend Dunja and her boyfriend Filip were visiting us for the weekend. Dunja and I see each other maybe two times a year because she's now living in Zagreb with Filip and I'm here in Rijeka, but every summer we get together for a few weeks to party, drink coffees (for her one with cinnamon) go to the beach, and just enjoy. From all the people I used to hang out in high school, she and my other friend Matea, are only people that kept in touch. When you leave high school you learn who your true friends are. We don't hear much from one another through the year because I'm always busy doing something, she's working, but on occasions like this, we catch up with all we missed. Thank you for being my friend and for supporting me. Much love to you honey. :)


It's Halloween today! It makes me happy because it brings back all kind of memories from back when I was in high school. We used to celebrate it with carving pumpkins, dressing up, fashion shows, and just hanging out in front of the school all dressed up like we ran out of an horror movie. This year I will celebrate Halloween with my boyfriend and cats, drinking warm coffee and eating muffins for breakfast. :)

Until next time. Sea of love, S.
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