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Hi there! For the last week I've been sick with some kind of flu so I wasn't able to post much, but I'm getting better. Today I wanna share with you my weekend purchases and talk a little about social media. I'm not a big fan of Facebook because of all unnecessary bull** I see there, from politics, violent articles, hate, unapproval of people with different life views, sex orientations etc. If I hadn't gone to college I would leave my account deleted like I did at the end of high school, but we have groups there where we share notes from lectures, give each other notifications and so on. When I was in high school I loved Tumblr. And if you're part of Tumblr Society you know how supportive and amazing people there can be. Just a quote somebody wrote about loving and caring for yourself can change somebody's mind and make their day better. It inspires me to see that even though social media can be a bad place, it can also be a place full of love, support and understanding. But Instagram is my all time favorite. I love to share with people, not my personal parts of life, but my photos, outfits, inspirational words I find somewhere or something I came up with myself. That's the reason I blog. I'm a very happy and positive person, and people who got to know be better say that my positivity is contagious, that's why I try my best to keep inspiring people to be themselves and stay positive in this sometimes cruel world. On Instagram, I follow pretty amazing people who inspire me everyday. But I often come across mean comments on their photos. There are so many amazing people there, some of them are free spirits for example and they post their nude photos. SO WHAT? It bothers me so much when I see someone commenting mean, offensive words on someone's nude photo. It's a free world and social media gives us power to express ourselves. Some express through photos of nature, some trough fashion, food, music, art, and someone trough their body. In a wold like ours is today, it's sad seeing that people are hateful. We should all accept each other and support each other in freedom of expressing. If you don't like someone's nude photos you shouldn't go and search for ones to comment and hate. If you don't like it ignore it. It's better to talk about something you love than spitting on something you disapprove. It inspires me to see how many people there are with their unique kind of creativity, and everyone we come across has their own story that they would like to share with the world. This summer I discovered a girl from Germany and I fell in love with her photos. So pure and natural, we started to connect and we still comment and like on each other's photos. Who knows, someday maybe we'll meet in real life. Recently she told me that she reads my blog and how important it is to find motivation for living in the moment (stuff I talked about in my last post) I'm an aspiring blogger, and these kind of words make me so happy. To see that there is a person in Germany who reads my blog and supports me. It gives me an amazing amount of happiness and inspiration to keep doing what I do. See what I'm talking about, that's one person who made a difference in my life.. Social media gives us power to express, share and connect with people from around the world, and I believe that's a beautiful thing. And in the end, it's all about how you perceive it. If you're looking for the bad, not just in social media but in everything, you'll find it, just like the good. You can see social media as a bad place, or you can see it as an opportunity to be free and share parts of your soul with people who will listen. So try not to be judgemental, jealous, hateful, and just accept everyone's unique spirit and creations. That's how you make the world a better place. In this occasion, I wanna thank all the people who read my blog and follow me onInstagram. I wanna thank you for all your support and lovely words. You all are amazing, beautiful people and I'm grateful forever, because you believe in me and that gives me a great amount of happiness and motivation to keep doing what I love. Until next time, sea of love, S.

Enjoy your Sunday loves! 

The bag my mom bought me in one of the local shops in Vinkovci called ''Viktor''. I saw one just like this on Pinterest and found it online but it was tooooo expensive. Bags from this store are mostly leather like mine, but acceptable prices on budget :) 
The skirt is from Zara and it's absolutely fabulous. Leopard sample makes me warm inside!  
I can't wait to get better so I can go on photosesion and share my look with you. 

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