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The 7 joys

Since it's the end of the month, it's time for ritual of The 7 joys in which I'll post 7 things that made me happy this November :)


This is my absolute favorite this month because it really put me back in place. I discovered so many great artists and saw beautiful corners of Venice that inspired me more than I could ever imagine. I'm so grateful to have these kind of opportunities to travel and live and breathe different kind of air. I stand firmly behind the sentence ''Travel far enough and you will find yourself.'' 


I must say it was a pretty demanding job because you have to wait for at leas twenty minutes in between the layers, but when I put my mind to something I get it done, and I get it done good. I'm really satisfied by how it all turned out. Hope I'll have more time when winter semester finishes to paint my bedroom and living room. (Plus winter trip to Ikea. Can't wait :))

 My cat obviously likes the chair and closet on which she climbs all the time :)


For the last week I've been obsessed with his song Keep your head up, and I'm one of those kind of people who will listen to one song over and over again until I hate it, but for my surprise, I still absolutely adore it. The music video makes me warm inside, think of Summer and all the adventures that come along. Besides this one, all his other songs are beautiful, it's a definite recommendation for listening. 


I aaaaabsolutely love the stuff I got this month. When I was home a month ago I ''hired'' my dad to order me a watch I wanted forever and it finally arrived. Also, my mom bought me this cutest winter unreal fur coat. It's so adorable and the color is amazing because my closet are pretty much monochrome stuff. I hope I'll find time soon for new photosesions. (College is killing me)


Week ago my friend David gave me Alan Watts's book Cloud-hidden Whereabouts Unknown, A Mountain Journal, and two of his beautiful photos, one for me and one for my boyfriend. It's such a small sign of attention, but it made me so happy because he remembered that I wanna read Alan Watts, he went and developed his photos for us and that matters. I'm really grateful :) He is a brilliant photographer (one who photographed me in my post Beginning) and I hope he'll open up a photo blog one day because it's a pity that his work remains unseen. 


This month my dad, my grate grandmother (who turned 93!! you go girl!) and my friend Vanja had birthdays this month. I know many people hate their birthdays and think it's not important, but I believe it's an opportunity to go see those people and wish them all the best, buy them special presents, make their day a little bit better and remind them that years are not important. Important thing is how old are you in your head, because some people have 81 years and are still young. I wish you all the best again and I hope I'll have time next year to come home for my dad's birthday.. 

Vanja <3 


I seriously can't wait. I can't wait!! Christmas is only thing that makes me happy during the winter because I hate cold weather and snow, (well I like it only if I don't have to go outside) my feet and hands are always cold and my soul just wants to curl up and sleep inside my body. But! I'll get to go home and see my family and my dog, I'll have the time for crafting and decorating my apartment, making presents for my dearest people and participate in our Christmas Eve ritual where we all go to my aunt's house and unwrap our present's, have dinner, drink and talk. I hope my parents will come to Rijeka this year because I hate being apart from my boyfriend during Christmas hollydays..

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