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the truth

Today I wanna talk a bit about you. I wanna encourage you to stop for a minute. Sit down, have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette and think a bit about yourself and your life. How do you feel in the moment? Why do you feel the way you feel? Do you want to feel like that? What do you want in the moment? What's going on inside your body and your mind? Where are you? Are you lost? Are you happy? Do you want to be? Do you know who you are..? Ask yourself. When it comes to asking yourself these kind o questions, people are usually dishonest because they are afraid of the answers. We often settle for the less good in life, less extraordinary, mediocre and already seen. Why is that? Why do we always settle for less when each and every one of us deserves all the best for himself. I believe it's because we're afraid to try, afraid of being different, or maybe we just believe that everything there is out there is all there is. We settle for less because we maybe think that that's the best we can do but that's a mistake. We can do a lot better, in our lives and in lives of people that surround us. When I was growing up I found this amazing quote that said ''Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.'' and in that moment I realized that we are our own creation that will never stop. Endlessly, day by day, we create ourselves and our life. We always choose and we are always in power. Do you feel in charge? Or are you just a copilot in somebody else's dream? Think about it for a minute and don't be afraid of the answers because if you're dishonest with yourself, how do you think other people will treat you? Our relation with ourselves sets ground for every other relationship in our lives. Remember that. I recently did this, I sat down, asked myself these questions (wrote them down actually) and saw how things can actually work out for me if I'm just open with myself. It's your life. You are not the victim of your life, you are the master of your reality. It's your body that's temple of your Being and you need to cherish it. It's  your mind and put thoughts in it that you wouldn't mind putting in a vase on your coffee table. It's your job, your career, your occupations and desires that make you  who you are. Are you there yet? Or are you stuck? Remember that being stuck is your choice and an option, not something that happened to you. Ask yourself.. Do you want to live in a world like this where we'll all against each other, killing and promoting hate? Or do you want to be better than that.  Make a difference, but always remember to first start with yourself. If everyone worked on themselves for a while and decided to be above all hateful things, the world would be a better place.. 
On this occasion I wanna send all my prayers and positive thoughts to people of Paris. I know how strong you can be, you stand tall and the whole world stands tall with you. I know we will see Paris rise up again to continue being the most beautiful city in the world. Much love to you all, until next time, S.

      Photographed by the love of my life.

Jacket- Pull&Bear
Sweater- H&M
Boots- Catwalk 
Bag- (bought in a local store, check last post)

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