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Kerefeke + one year of blogging

Hiiii everyone! Hope you had an amazing Christmas. Mine was spent hanging out with my family I see only twice a year, so it was refreshing catching up with all of the events that happened in the meantime. We drank wine, talked, played games and enjoyed delicious food. Time spent with my family makes me realize how important it really is and how grateful I am for each and every one of them. As you saw on my Instagram account, yesterday was my one year of blogging :) Well actually it wasn't a full year because I stopped for a couple of months, but I'm glad I decided to open up my blog again and continued to write. It's been an amazing year and I've learned so much about everything around me, but mostly and more importantly, about myself. I started to get to know myself better, and my style, I started to act accordingly to my thoughts, wishes and instincts and learned that I should always listen to my gut. I learned not to be terrified of the future or the competition, but to accept the future as a road of unlimited possibilities, and to always chase the dream not the competition. I realized that everyone rolls in their own film and that you should always be the main character in your own and not just an extra in someone else's. I learned that you don't have to question your own beauty and character to admire someone else's, and that we are all here to inspire each other. I realized how important it is to talk about ideas, to be original and to try something different. You should never follow the crowd, follow the calling and swim in your own direction. Our professor once told us ''When everyone agrees with something on banal facts just because it's mainstream, it's up to you to stand out, be something else, and prove them all wrong. Not for them, but for yourself. You are allowed to be different.'' At the end of my first year of college, I told my best friend how grateful I am for all the people I've met because all of them taught me something different, something that makes me the person I am today. She told me it's not them that made me who I am today, but only myself. She told me that many people have heard what I've heard but only few of them actually listened and that I am one of those people. I have to thank myself for taking their words and reconsidering them, reviewing them over and over in my head until they made me make a move. Most people listen with only one ear and in next ten minutes that thought will be long gone and forgotten.. But not for me.. I always considered myself as a person made out of glued pieces of everyone else's character. But as the time passed by I realized, I am everyone else, and everyone else is me, what makes a difference is that one piece in everyone of us that makes us just a tiny bit unique, and that piece is us. ''No one is you and that is your power.'' And it's true. It's the most special gift you can have. Yourself. So people, love yourselves. Love yourself like you are the only home you'll ever have. Love yourself as much as you can love someone else you care about and would do anything for them. Do anything for yourself. Forgive yourself for your passed mistakes because every day is a new start. Every day we're allowed to start again and be someone else if we're not pleased with who we are today. We are alone, but never lonely because we have ourselves. The temple of our Being that fights every bad day for a better tomorrow. You are uniquest person in the world. Believe in the magic you carry inside yourself, believe you can and you will. Nothing this world and life put in front of you is impossible. But first you have to conquer yourself, break yourself open, get rid of the bad and pull yourself back together. No dream is unachievable if you're not in a war with yourself. Life is too short for that shit. Love yourself people, it's the best you can do.

Day before Christmas, I spent my afternoon shooting for Croatian brand Kerefeke. Woman who makes these clothes and accessories is an amazing and creative human being. For the past few years we worked together at local fairs and I'm pretty honored for this opportunity in which I was able to wear all these amazing clothes. You can support Kerefeke at this page Kerefeke Facebook and on their Instagram account. I wanna thank Ana for happy and productive day :) If you love unique handmade stuff, this is the brand for you. I couldn't help myself but to buy the silver skirt I'm wearing in one of the photos. It's gonna work perfectly with my Kerefeke necklace I bought at the Vinkova─Źke jeseni fair. Until the next post. Sea of love. S.

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