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Hi lovely people! It's been a while since my last post, but college got the best of me and my time. Two days ago was my final exam before Christmas holidays, now I'm in my hometown getting ready to work in our booth at the Christmas fair. :) I'm so excited! Every year we have an amazing time, so much lovely people with sparkly Christmas energy, concerts, mulled wine, cupcakes, lights and everything shiny and lovable. Since I didn't have the time for a new photosesion this post is about music I listen at the time, and all I listen is Alt-J. Few weeks back, we studied Kant's aesthetics and philosophy of art where he writes about his theory of genius. It's probably my favorite part of the subject because my second subject is art history and aesthetics is link between those two. Kant holds that Newton isn't a genius, and that a genius is one who is particularly gifted at the field of art. Later that day I listened to Alt-J's live concert and realised that if the Kant could hear them, he'd be out of his mind.Their music makes my soul dance inside my body and drift to a dimension I didn't know existed. When I listen to them I forget about every other song I ever heard in my life.. So, this is my top 17 favorite Alt-j songs for the winter. Have a great day people! Spread the Christmas joy to every stranger you see in the street, do something good for someone and never forget that sometimes you have to give something, in order to get something back. Sea of love. S.

ALT-J (∆)

Bloodflood pt.II
Disolve Me
Ripe and Ruin
Every Other Freckle
Hunger of The Pine
Left Hand Free
Something Good
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