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The little things

Hi people dearest! Yesterday was a pretty good day. Marija and I finally found the time to go out on a photosesion, hang out and feel like normal people. That's what college does to you especially when you're year away from finishing your undergraduate. When you have tons of obligations and literary don't find time to clean your apartment or wash your hair, small things make you feel like a human again like relaxing just for a minute with cup of coffee, doing your nails or cleaning your home. In times when all you do is study little things you do for yourself make you feel okay for a change. These last couple of weeks have been crazy busy and from the next week it's starting again with our finals, so I'm apologizing ahead for not writing at least at the end of February.
Today I wanna talk about those little things.We all know what are our little things that make us happy, good and glad we're alive, but what about others? Do you know what is your best friend's favorite song you can play for her at her birthday? Or your mom's favorite food so you can cook her a meal she adores when you come home? Do you know what's your grandma's favorite event in her life, and you point the conversation in that direction because you know it'll make her happy just talking about it? Do you know what's your boyfriend's favorite movie so you can come home, sit down and say ''Today we're watching this.''? We don't pay that much attention to people around us, at least we don't see we do it. We're so into our own worlds we forget that we're actually reflections of people around us, and that if the one side's not happy it affects us even more than we realize. We don't care that much because we always demand before giving. It's like we always make tiny ultimatums in our head saying he/she won't get it before I get something from them, but it's so wrong. I truly believe that the world would be a much better place if we could just step out of our selfishness and give something first to the people we love. I never believed in karma, or that things happen for a reason. My favorite quote was ''Everything happens for a reason you make up afterwards.'' Yes you can live like that before you actually experience karma and her power that makes you slow down and think. I never believed that all the good I do for people will eventually come back my way. I didn't want to get something in return because doing good just for the sake of good is a pretty good reason for doing good. :) But it does come back. Maybe day afterwards, maybe a month or seven years afterwards, but it comes back. But, that's not the point of today's post. The idea is to make you listen more carefully, because even though we don't see it, people around us give us signals from time to time. And even they're not aware of it sometimes, it's up to us to listen. Everything is a mirror. Paying attention is such a small amount of energy inside of us, we don't even realize how much, especially when someone we love talks. Sometimes I feel like I listen too much and pay attention to every tiny detail of a conversation, but that kinda things pay of. Like knowing exactly what to buy my mom for her birthday. This world is full of shitty presents and cliche messages we send out to people on their birthday. It's full of disappointment and sadness, and it's because of us. It's because we don't pay enough attention to people around us. It's because we remember little things they make them happy when it's too late. Or we don't remember at all and feel confused when people get sad around us. Pay attention. If you're not that into small things that make your best friend (for example) happy and glad they're alive, than just don't be friends with them. In the end of the day that's one of the things that matter most. That's the thing that make your friendship special and alive. Remembering, caring and paying attention. Don't expect something in return, do it for them for a change. Do it for the happy, satisfied look on their face and a big hug. That's how you get it back, and I truly believe that's good enough. Pay attention to their little things, because that little things are actually huge things, and just like making them happy, they can make you go away. Big stuff don't happen all the time, so just keep up with those small ones that keep coming and have much bigger effect and value. Sea of love, S.

Hat- H&M
Skirt- Vila
Boots- Renato Balestra
Sweater- Pimkie
Jacket- Ane Christine (the sign I made myself)
Bag- Mulberry

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