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Hiiii there! Oh I'm so happy to write again. :) Busy days behind me and in front of me, but I will always find time for this blog of mine to talk to you, amazing people, and share my latest adventures, outfits and thoughts. As you can see I didn't do 'The 7 joys of January' mainly because nothing happens in January generally, just studying, sitting behind my desk and hoping for these exams days to pass as soon as possible. Yesterday I studied for my final exam from Epistemology, branch of philosophy that studies the knowledge and human cognitions, and the main topic was feminist epistemology. Few years back I wasn't such a big feminist, mainly because I wasn't involved in the topic and problems that go with it, but as I started to read a bit about it and saw how much it concerns me and every other woman in the world, so this post is dedicated to that problem in particular. Studying feminist epistemology I realized how much this problem needs to be touched and in this blog I try to urge everyone who reads it to stop believing every dogma they live by, step out of their comfort zone and see that things aren't always what they seem like. Reason I wasn't such a big feminist before is mainly because I grew up in a family that taught me to be good to my fellow-man, no matter is it boy, a girl, black, muslim, christian, etc. I never saw people from the outside and never judged them by their look, color of their skin, their religion, or their nationality. Everyone's the same underneath and if you're a human to me, I'll treat you the same way. When I think about the injustice, and things that make me mad above all, this is on top of the list. I just can't believe that in a world like ours is today, all the things that got better, there are still people who are against gay marriage, against black people, against some religions. I mean, I agree about the religion, but only religions that practice bad traditions and are hurting the people who are involved in it, and the rest of the world with other views that stand in their way. No kind of fanaticism is good, but people who believe for the sake of faith are absolutely amazing people because they see something that moves them and motivates them in a good way, something that's beyond our world and they live their life in a peaceful, non-hurting way. And just like people who are involved in the bad, they don't see how their way of life is hurting others, people who have dominant position in the world don't see how much problems there are with the way the world functions. You should always take a critic stand and question things, because you don't know if the car is working properly if you don't take it out on a ride on a highway. As a woman, I can see how we're expected to live, and listening to my amazing professor, I realized how big of a problem there is. From the day that we're born (we women) it's expected from us to finish school, college, find a good job, just like men, but then, the line stops. When I was listening to the lecture our professor told us this amazing fact that women weren't supposed to be in high positions as scientists, and when I was a kid, even teaching was still a man's job. There are too many limits that make women in lower positions than men, mainly because of the line I mentioned just now. When we finish college and find a job, it's usual that in our early 30's we find a man and start a family, because that's the thing our society tells us we should do. And not just our society. If you're 20 like me, than your mom is pretty much still young and not that conservative when it's about starting a family, but I remember when I was a kid my great-grandmother told me ''Oh I always hoped you'd be a boy, because girls go through so much pain in life.'' I didn't realize what she was talking about but now I do. It is a common belief and our way of life, even now after decades that women got the right to vote on the elections, go to school, go to college, have real jobs, it's normal for a woman to have a family after her 30's, kids to take care of, please everyone in their demands around the house and eventually quit her job because taking care of the kids, husband, house, go grocery shopping, clean, cook and what else is a too much of a job to even have a second one in something she may like. Even if fairytales, it's always the poor little scared princess that waits for her prince in the white horse to come and save her. I say fu** that! We don't need a prince, we are warriors and we can save ourselves. Just like the limits our society forced on us, to live life pleasing everyone else around the family. I'm too young to even think about stuff like that but I will never let myself become a stereotype of a woman. Did you know that if a woman is a scientist, 70% of them don't have any children because working in a science field, you have a number of works to fill in a year or else you're out of the science sphere. You must write books or articles, you must do research and travel to do your field work, and that kind of live excludes kids as an option, because no man will stay home and do all the house work. When has it become unusual to see a strong, focused, ambitious woman? We should all be that, we should all live the way we want and if it means working for the rest of your life that's okay, if your life goal is a family do that. You go girl! Just never let anyone tell you when you should settle down, when you should get a boyfriend, what field should you work in, never! It makes me sooooo maaad that when a girl posts her naked artistic photo on for example Instagram, she's considered to be a whore, but men are allowed to walk around shirtless and take photos of their body without anyone saying a word. With men, everything is black and white, they don't involve anything in between. There was research with kids about 8 or so years, boys and girls. They asked them ''If someone you love is dying and you don't have any money to buy the medicine, what would you do?'' The boys immediately answered ''I'd steal it.'' but girls said they would go to the pharmacy, talk to the pharmacist, explain the hard situation and try to get the medicine by being polite. That kind of behavior differs us from men, we see the grey areas and we understand everyone's needs. What better way is there to run a society, than one in which a woman is in charge, considering everyone's opinion, evaluating them and maximizing the options for all citizens of the world, not just men that run it today? Our role in life, gives us predispositions for working with people and great advantage when it's about the happiness and good way of life considering the bigger picture. But sadly, we are limited to work in shitty jobs, pay less than men, work harder for less results. Did you know that girls have better grades than boys, in high school and even college, and yet, boys find jobs easier than girls and end up in a higher positions with less work and effort. I learned all this at college and I must express it though my post because I believe our world and our society is mature enough to realize the problem and do something about it. Just like small ethnic groups of people who aren't in a dominant position, we women should see that there's a problem. When you're a part of that smaller, subordinate group, you see troubles, but the ones in charge don't because they believe their ways and believes are necessary and universal. Karl Marx wasn't a proletarian, and still he saw the problems, stood up for the people who weren't able to stand for themselves and made a significant change. You don't always have to be in a subordinate position to see the problem, but if you are, you see it faster and you feel it more. That's why I encourage all of you people, now just women, but even men to question the ways of our society and do something about it because this isn't enough. Women should be allowed to be in high positions in politics which they're not. Women are supposed to work in a construction site if they want to and have dispositions for it. Women are supposed to be allowed to be priests if they want to. Church always says ''Treat your fellow-man as you want to be treated.'' but not allowing women to be priests is a discrimination for me. I know it's tradition and it's a consensus, but does it make it justified? Just like we're against some religions that practice sacrifice and destruction and we want them to change, isn't it the same in catholic religion that doesn't allow women to be priests? Or gay marriage, oh don't even get me started, so much injustice makes me sick. I don't want this to be an attack to the church or religion as some may interpret, but it's a calling, saying, traditions are okay but everything changes and we should flow with the change. We're all equal, and we should all be treated the same, have same options in life, same opportunities, and if a girl wants to preach and be a priest she should be allowed to be one! At the 8th of March we celebrate our day, and I'm so honored to be born on that date. We are strong, we are capable, we are ambitious, we are women and we decide. We must stand for ourselves instead waiting for a prince on a white horse. Sea of love, S.

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