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She who is brave is free

Lately, I've been getting this strange feeling like something really good but scary will happen. Scary in the terms that it will be something completely new and different, something I've never done before. I feel like my back are carrying some weight of the things that need to be done, be changed and improved. Yesterday was the first day I felt warm breezes of sea, salty air and concrete on my skin. Spring is almost here, and when it slowly starts to arrive, I feel like it's inviting me to wake up even more than I am now, and just go out there and be. I can't even remember the last time I was so inspired with existence of myself and world around me.. I've been thinking about how simple life really is, and that we, people make it so damn difficult and hard for ourselves and people around us, because we feel like life isn't worth living if there's no drama. Few days ago was my birthday and my ex highschool professor sent me her best wishes and a photo that said: ''Don't complicate life. Missing somebody? Call them. Wanna meet up? Invite. Wanna be understood? Explain. Have a question? Ask. Don't like something? Say it. Like something? State it. Want something? Go for it. Love someone? Tell them. Keep your life simple.'' It's such a plain and simple text but we almost never live like that because everything is such a big problem for us. When we like someone we wait for ages for them to call, we miss someone and we never call because we think the person doesn't misses us, we don't understand because we're to lazy to listen, we have a problem with everything because we're to afraid to just stand up and say ''That's not okay.'', we want something and we die every day little by little because we feel like we're never gonna get it. Well you're not gonna get it if you just sit on your ass every day and think how amazing would be if things could just go your way. You need to work for it, you need not to be afraid and most of all, you need to take chances damn it! You need to go out and apply at a contest you want to win, of a job you want to have, because no one will come at your door and say ''Oh hi! We have a job for you.'' You need to go write a message to someone you like but you never had guts to ask them out. ''What is he/she doen't like me back?'' Well, you can sit for three months at your coffee table and think about it till your brain gets fried or you can just send the message and see. You will never know if you don't actually do something about it. You need to buy yourself that dress you always wanted but was too expensive because it really is the most cliché saying today, but you do only live once, and I promisse you, even if your buget is short, you can work for it in a new dress. And if you're not on the right track get off it now. You are not stuck! Now sit down and think of all the things you regret not doing and realize that it was always you who was in control, but never had the guts to just take a risk. You will never how many amazing things are on the other side of your stale routine. And in the end, isn't a life of self improvement and new exciting chances to take the best possible life you can have? Pythagoras once said: ''No man is free who cannot comand himself.'' so if you dally yourself you will always end up in the same place with the same feelings wishing you were free. So this is from me to you. Let go of the weight, forgive yourself for the things you were afraid to do and promise yourself you will never again live like a slave of your own fears and doubts. Keep it simple, be brave and be free. Sea of love. S.

Sunglasses- H&M
T-hirt- Pimkie
Long sweater- Mango
Boyfriend jeans- Pimkie
Boots- H&M
Jacket- Pull & Bear
Bag- Pimkie 
Neklace- Pimkie
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