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The 7 joys

Hello, hello! So, the winter semester is finally over which means that the spring is coming, exams are over and I can finally dedicate myself bit more to my blog, even if it's just only for the first couple of weeks because my new subjects are even more demanding than the previous ones. But I'm happy, excited and full of joy because everything goes more smoothly when the sun is shining. I know I'm a bit late with this, but it's time for ''The 7 joys of February''. My friend suggested I do an apartment tour on my blog, and I think it's a pretty good idea because my apartment is still in the process of redecoration, and it will be kind of cool to compare the next post and one I'll do when my apartment is fully ready and tided up. I want to inspire all of you to get yourself into DIY projects on your home, room, etc. because like that you can save money on redecoration, plus you can always do as you please and not just sit in fear that your handy man will paint your walls in a shade different from what you wanted :) But for now, let me share all the happy things in the previous month. :)


This month my two favorite people in the world had birthdays. My mom's, who is absolutely my biggest inspiration and motivation in life. I actually can't believe sometimes that my mom is so amazing and it may sound boring already because I talk about her all the time, but every day she reminds me of the best parts in life and that it's never too late to start again, and for that I will be grateful for the rest of my life. My boyfriend Filip also had birthday (23, so old haha) and on Valentine's day was our 5 year anniversary (maybe more, we don't count). He makes me the happiest little girl on the planet! He pushes me to do more, be more, we grow together, share a world of our own, he keeps me wild and teaches me that things can only be better than they were. :)


Paying the first installment makes sh** real, and seeing my name on the insurance policy and bus tickets makes my heart jump. I know I'm like a child on Christmas Eve, but I love traveling! When we visited Venice in December, I was so happy and inspired and myself more than I ever was, and I just can't wait to get lost again so I can find myself. Also, my boyfriend got me a new lens for my Canon and I'm soooo looking forward to capturing all the precious moments there with it. :)


My parents came to visit us last weekend and it was so much fun! :) We spent our days shopping, drinking coffee, beer, talking, exploring the town and just enjoying each others company after not seeing each others since Christmas. They brought me a new carpet from Ikea, my dad set up a new copper chandelier, hung up the curtains, all of which you'll see when I do an apartment tour for a couple of days. Seeing my mom always makes me so inspired, happy and full of life joy because she's all that in one creature. Such a great spent weekend. :)

Like mother like daughter :D


Hohoho, so my birthday is in 6 days, but since my parents could only come this weekend, they brought me presents and my mom and I went shopping. Sometimes I think I have a bit of a shopping problem, but this time I ran into amazing discounts and finally bought myself pieces I wanted a long time, like those pretty black lace up flats from Zara and leopard boots from H&M. Also, found an amazing kimono and bag at Pimkie which is slowly but surely becoming my favorite store. Also, I finally got an Iphone 6, which meaaaaans, soo much selfies hahah. :)


Two days ago I received my first blogger present from Cosmopolitan Hrvatska. :) This made me soooo happy. Since my blog is pretty young I never received presents like this, and I was so surprised but also so excited. On Instagram I follow girls that work at Cosmopolitan and they are all such magical pretty creatures and I couldn't be more grateful for my Christian Lacroix's Ambre perfume. Also I totally forgot to share with you that I applied at Cosmopolitan's ''I am more than selfie'' contest for ''The queen of social networks'' :) If you want to vote for me visit http://www.cosmopolitan.hr/contest/view/96/stella-mesic
 Your support would mean so much to me, considering the fact that I'm still at my early bloggers phase and this opportunity would bring me so much new experiences and help me push through the blogosphere where I want to be. Also, you can vote every day again, so it would mean a world to me if you have a minute of your time to ''give sister a vote'' :D


Few weeks ago my aunt and uncle bought me a new closet which you saw on the photos above, all pretty and white. My previous one was from like 19th century and every day I lived in fear that it'll fall apart and destroy all my clothes, but now everything is tidy, the space looks brighter and full of room. It was too demanding to build it up so we called our friends. Filip and Alan worked while Vanja and I drank beer and did our make up in the bathroom hahaha. But, since I have tooo much clothes I had to buy a dresser for towels, socks, lingerie etc. so we bought one at Emmezeta while my parents were here. We didn't want to torture people like we did with fixing up the closet, so Filip and I decided to build it on our own. It was such a pain in the a** and took us hours but we finally made it and it's the first thing we built together :) The photo is bad because the apartment is a mess, but in the next post you will see it in its full glow.


So, week and a half ago I started working out. And I mean working out hard-core. Every day I would wake up, half asleep made my coffee, light my cigarette and spend the entire day studying and not moving from my workspace desk. I could feel my spine getting hunched, my legs weaker and since we live on the 5th floor with no elevator, every time walking up those stairs was like walking on the stairway to hell. One morning I woke up and decided that I don't wanna live like my body is 80 years old, I mean I'm 20 and sometimes I feel like my aunt has more energy than me and she's 67. From that day on every morning I wake up, first eat a bowl of cereals, than have my coffee, do all of the things on my agenda, and at around 5 till 6 I work out. Crunches, squats, yoga ball exercises, I also started running and let me tell you, the changes are obvious! I'm not tired anymore or exhausted no matter how many hours a day I spend walking around and getting stuff done, I smoke a bit less, my posture got better and my confidence is getting higher every day. I won't lie and say that it's easy. My leg muscles hurt like hell and I can barely walk but no pain no gain. I strongly suggest exercise and healthy food because I promise you, every aspect of your life IS GOING TO GET BETTER. The starting is the hardest part, you just have to keep up with it, exercise daily and not give up on yourself. I read a quote from Muhammad Ali that says: ''I hated every minute of training, but I said 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'' :)

Until my next post. Sea of love, S.
I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/muhammad_ali.html
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