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Cro a porter Rijeka

Hii everyone! Oh I don't know where to start, there's so much stuff going on at the moment that I'm overwhelmed with emotions, gratitude and happiness. But today I wanna share with you photos from Saturday's Cro a porter fashion show that was placed in Tower center here in Rijeka. Those of you who follow me on instagram already know everything that's been going on, and could follow all the adventures we had for the last week. Saturday before this one, we had casting for stylists and models that will be part of Cro a porter fashion show at Zagreb. I can say it was pretty hard and demanding work, but also an amazing experience and something I'll remember forever. Three of us stylists got 5 people each that we had to dress up for photo session, two hours, and list of stores that we had to collect clothes from in that time. It was two-hour run through the shopping centre, searching for the perfect outfit and details that go with it. I worked on fashion shows before in my life, but all the clothes then were something I made, they were with me all the time and getting my models ready was a piece of cake, this time it was different. Running and planning and combining 5 outfits at a very short time period was demanding, but we made it, and the results were amazing. :) All of our models looked fantastic. Photographer recorded all of their outfits, we made videos, had fun, laughed, took soo much selfies and got to know each other. The hardest part of it all wasn't really collecting clothes, it was returning them back without stains of make up, dirty parts and all in one piece, so after everyone's gone, stylists are those who have the job to return everything and make sure it's in good state. The whole week after that Saturday I was piled up with college obligations and didn't even had time to breathe, but I did my seminars, studied for my exams, and it was Friday already. Three of us (stylists) got together at Friday at Tower to find new outfits for our models, and we worked from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. It was harder this time because we had to come up with 10 combinations for our five models and only got three stores. Luck for me was that I got my favorite store- Pimkie, and could dress them up like real gypsy princesses. The show was starting at 7 p.m. on a Saturday but we were there at 1 p.m. to collect shoes, try out everything and replace something if it doesn't fit. I met so many new and amazing people, stylists, models, make up artists that are all wonderful creatures and it gave me so much inspiration for everything I do. I can't say it wasn't a rush, but when my girls and boys stepped out on that stage I was so damn proud, because all of them are amateurs, aspiring to be models, and they took the pressure and the challenge so good I couldn't be anything but proud. I represented Pimkie, Diadema and Mondo Uomo, and the outfits turned out amazing as you can see on some of the photos below. Tower is going to publish even more photos for a couple of days, so I'm waiting on that too. :) I can proudly say that three of the girls that got into modeling for Cro a porter at Zagreb were from my group, such beautiful creatures and on this notice I wish them all luck in their careers! After the show, one of the stylists, Mihaela and I stayed to clean everything up, so we ordered blueberry vodka, sat down and got into cleaning, which was also so funny and amazing that I got home with stars in my eyes and gratefulness in my heart. Next stop is Cro a porter at Zagreb! I honestly can't wait. Seeing my girls being pros, meeting more new exciting people, taking photos for my next post, ugh :) 
On this notice I wanna thank Viktor Drago and his stylist SlańĎana, and all the crew that made this amazing event happen, and to all the incredible individuals I got to meet. And for you my dear readers, keep posted, because more adventures are comming. Sea of love, S. 

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