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Cro a porter Zagreb

Hi loves! So yesterday I came back from trip to Zagreb which was absolutely amazing, and I won't hide how much I'm still excited and grateful for this one and a half day of magic. I actually don't know where to begin! The Cro a porter fashion shows were absolutely amazing! So much creative magnificent people with their fashion designs, make up stylists that did absolutely amazing job, and models who looked like fairies, everything was in place and I think I can't say it enough, thank you to the amazing Cro a porter team that invited me to this beautiful event. I got PRESS accreditation so I could take photos of backstage and got a seat at the second row, so I just clicked and clicked hahaha. Unfortunately for me, my camera is pretty old and most of the photos were blurry, but I worked with what I got, so take a look :)

CRO A PORTER at Klovićevi Dvori


First on the run were these two brilliant designers that opened up Cro a porter with great sense of style, colors and harmony. I love how they designed stuff based on the fact that they're from Slavonija (continental Croatia) that has wide green fields, magical sunsets and golden bundles of hay. They kept in touch with their roots and when you create something based on something you love, like your birth place results end up amazing, and they're evidence to that. And since I'm from there too (and went to high school with these two :)) I must say, well done boys I love it! You made us Slavonians proud!


His design is on the edge. It's new, it's unseen and it's avant-garde. I loved the accessories, specially the bracelets that looked like handcuffs! Fantastic!
 It's shame I don't have that many photos, but you can see all the outfits on CAP main site.


When I saw models of these two amazing ladies go out my heart jumped and I immediately told Mihaela: ''If I'd ever do a fashion show it would look a lot like this!'' Still speechless.. Absolute love for every single outfit.


I saw their stuff before, and I can say that they're stunning as ever. I love seeing designers that create something that makes people talk days after the show was done and these two got the crowd talking. I'd definitely wear their stuff. Genius!


This was not a fashion run, it was an event for itself. Every tiny detail was perfect, from music, make up, dresses, hair styles, everything was out of this world. Brilliant job and I hope I'll be able to see more someday. Much much love!


This was a real ''Sugar for the end''. Lovely, pure, balanced, every girl's dream outfits. You can see more on CAP's site where you can find all the photos from photo sessions before the event, on which the designs look even better. 

At the end of the event, Mihaela and I stayed to say hi to Viktor and Slađana, but also to take some selfies with I <3 Cro a porter sign, hahaha, just had to. :) 

The day after, I got enough time to hang out with my 'high school gang' :) More photos of those adventures are gonna be tomorrow on the blog. Sea of love. S.
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