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New beginnings

Hello people dearest! So, Thursday afternoon I came back to my hometown to see my parents since I had one more final exam and couldn't come home for Easter holidays and every time I'm here I'm reminded of how much days off count and fill your batteries. I'm on my little vacation till Monday and then back to real world of college and exams, but I'm keeping my spirit light. :) New exciting things happened/are happening and I feel really motivated and inspired, which really are best feelings in the world. Yesterday morning my mom and I worked at the Osijek's antiquity fair and had so much fun. I took some photos that will be up on the blog for a couple of days. Also, I met Victorija who is a fellow blogger of mine. You can check her out on her blog 'Blue Turpentine' or on her Instagram page. This is my first blogger meetup which ended up as an inspiring and amazing new friendship. I realized (even more than before) how important it is to meet new people and make friendships because we can learn so much from each other and inspire one another in most beautiful ways. We had such great talk, took some lovely photos and planned many new collaborations. So that's first :) Secondly, I opened up a facebook page for my blog; Lover of the Light on which I'll post positive quotes, more photos of my daily life and host a few giveaways in near future, so if you have a moment to click 'Like' and support my work it would mean the world to me! Spring is officially here so get up and smell the endless possibility! Until my next post. Sea of love, S.

Photos by: Victorija Druško
Hat- Only
T-shirt- H&M
Boyfriend jeans- Pimkie
Long sweater- Mango
Boots- H&M
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