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The 7 joys

I'm kinda late, since it's the 5th of April, but better late than ever. Many things made me happy this month, especially because Spring came early and everything is much better at Spring, so I tried to sum them up into these 7 things. I hope your week started good, relaxed with smaller doses of stress and many cups of coffee. :)


All of you who know me know that my birthday is on 8th of March which is International Woman's Day, and I couldn't be more proud to be born on this amazing day. Every once a year we are united even more than before and reminded of how much it's amazing being a strong, powerful, independent woman. I celebrated my birthday three times this year hahaha, and had so much fun with my boyfriend, friends and my aunt and uncle who are the closest family I have here in Rijeka. I love birthdays and I love my birthday because I'm reminded that no matter how old you get, what matters is how old are you in your head, so never lose your inner child. :) Also, I got amazing presents like this Sisley mid black skirt I wanted for ages, or lace bralette. My girls were such sweethearts, they know I love cacti and got me two more, and one friend made me this lovely cacti necklace, so now I'm a crazy cactus lady because my little home garden counts 16 of them and I can wear one around my neck at all time. :)


That day Marija and I went on a photo session at Pećine which is like a beach in Rijeka, but much prettier and cleaner because Rijeka is not so much of a tourist city, so people don't leave dirt behind them. Also it was mid March and no one expected it to be this warm, so we had the beach to ourselves. We ate vanilla muffins, drank wine, took amazing photos and got reminded how little things in life matter most. :)


This one is the only one without the photo, because it was gone in a second hahah. I'm actually really proud of myself for cooking like that because I remember I couldn't make proper eggs at my first year of college, and look at me now, a cook and a half. I made lunch for my boyfriends family day after my bday celebration with the girls and then again for my aunt and uncle for Eater week later. It inspired me to cook and try all kind of new amazing food, so I promise next time, photos are gonna be included. :)


Every holiday I come back to my home town to spend it with my parents because I only see them three times a year so my boyfriend and I never spent one together until this year :) I had one more exam left from the first semester and had to stay here, because I would lose much time on traveling back and honestly, I never study when I'm with my mom because we always need time to catch up and have so much fun wandering around, going to shopping and all the girly stuff. But, that weekend for Easter celebration, Marko Nastić, a Serbian DJ who I absolutely love played at 'Church' (that's actually the name of a club haha) here in Rijeka, so my boyfriend and I spent our first holiday together at an amaying party, but what is most importantly, together. :)


Recently my boyfriend (Filip, I'm just gonna write Filip from now on because it's much shorter than boyfriend) and I started listening to Foals. They're an amazing british band and I got totally obsessed with some of their songs, particularly one in the link below, so check it out, you may like them too. :)


It was one from gothic art, and it went easier than I expected. I always have this fear of not passing so I don't even go for a try unless I learned the content from a to z, but this one went great. It's not so much of a big deal, but it is for me because now I've passed all my winter subjects and can devote myself to spring semester and all the subjects that come with it, so well done me. :)


I love trains and it's just an amazing thing to travel by train and get into some soul-searching. I would always travel by bus but since the Spring came, I thought it would be a shame to miss the sun rising and warm air flowing through my hair when I open all the windows and just enjoy existing. 9 hours felt like nothing because I couldn't remember the time before that when I was able to just free my mind and not think about all the obligations that are waiting for me when I come back. I spent some time at Vinkovci with my parents, and had so much fun, but that's now all in the 7 joys of April which are coming at the end of the month. :) Also, I'll do a traveling series of the photos I took during that time, so keep posted. Sea of love, S.

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