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The 7 joys

April has been the craziest month so far! So many happy and excited things happened, far far from just 7, but I had to separate them into these columns. I can just say thank you Universe for being on my side and sending me this good flow, I am more than grateful for the doors opening up for me. Also I'm happy for finally pushing forward and overcoming some of my barriers I had to fight for a long time.. I can say, deep down, I'm overwhelmed with everything and all I can hope for is that the rest of my year and life will be good as this lovely joyful month. :)


I love traveling back to my home town and this time was so amazing!! Most of my time, as usual, was spent with my mom. We went working at the antiquity fair in Osijek, shopping, drank coffees, visited my grandparents in Slavonski Brod, took sooo many good photos for my blog and just had so much fun. Unfortunately, my dad was out of the city so I saw him just for a day, but summer semester is ending soon, which means Pag, drinking beer, laying on the beach and catching up with everything. :) 


I can't even begin on how much meeting this girl makes me happy. As some of you may already know, she's a fellow blogger of mine and even though our meetup lasted for just an hour, we became friends immediately. I love how she's herself in such a good way that her existence inspires you for everything! She helped me so much concerning the blog, so I immediately opened up my blog's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/iamelysian/ and hosted my first giveaway, which are also included in this month's joys. We hear from each other every day, send each other photos that always make me smile, she really makes me happy and I can't wait to go to Osijek again so we can hang out, drink coffee and take photos again. :) :)


My dearest virtual friend Ilka sent me a present for my b-day which was delayed at the Hamburg's post office, but it finally arrived and was the best thing ever!! As soon as I got home it waited for me at the table, and I just trew my bags on the ground and got into opening. I love stationary stuff, and pink color is one of my favorites (the little girl in me) and the unicorn!!! It's so sweet and thoughtful, I carry that unicorn with me because it reminds me of her and how amazing friends I have. Also this ''girl gang shit'' post it notes are soo damn cool, I immediately post-it-ed-up everything I could find hahaha. Thank you love, this made me really happy. :)


Even thought both of these were an event for itself I had to put them together so I can share more things that made me happy. Being a part of these amazing events was like a dream come true and it opened up so much opportunities for me, so all I can be is grateful and happy. :) I met so many wonderful people in Zagreb and even here in Rijeka! I met this amazing girl Ema that goes to my college and we never came across each other. 'My girls' (I love to call them that) are all amazing and I hope I'll be able to work with them some time soon! Mihaela and I became such good friends, had so much great talks and promised each other to grab some coffee sometimes and hang out more.
Trip to Zagreb produced so much adventure and happiness. Seeing all my high school friends after so long was absolutely refreshing and inspiring. I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you again! :)


This is an art project that one girl on Instagram starts every spring, and (as you can see) it lasts for 100 days, which means 100 days of painting, taking photos, designing, or any other art form expressing. I decided I'll do a theme called #THE100DAYSOFBREAKINGTHECHAINS. Reason for it was that I'm always too afraid to create something with everything I can, so I always restrict myself in the process. I always have this fear of other people not approving my work, so I don't approve it first. That feeling gives me control, but it always leaves me broken when I see my work abandoned or not finished. I decided that I'm not gonna post photos of my work every day on Instagram, instead I'll do a blog post on the 27th of July with my favorite ones. I can admit I'm still really not ready to share my work with the world, so this project is for myself and for breaking my chains, so on the 27th you can be the judge of how it went. :)


Renaissance art is THE hardest subject at our cathedra, and people listen to it for years, so luckily for me, I had two seminars from two Renaissances (national and european) at the same day, two days after my Cro a porter fashion show at Rijeka. I didn't have that much literature, because nobody translates profession books like that on Croatian, and every book on english was already out of the library, buuuut, my dad was my hero and ordered me book Northern Renaissance Art from James Snyder, and sent it to me by bus, so it'll arrive on time for my seminars, and I didn't mind picking it up at 2 a.m. at the bus station hahah. With everything that's been going on with fashion shows and trips everywhere, most of the parents would go mental and say ''COLLEGE FIRST, no playing around!'' but my parents gave me so much support concerning everything, specially my dad, and it inspired me so much.. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I'll always remember to do what I must, but never lose my spark, and continue to do what I love. :) 


Tomorrow I'm going to Florence! I just can't. Hahaha. It really excites me how exciting everything is for me and how much joy is piled up in my body and spirit. I just can't wait for all the adventures, cathedrals, museums, artwork I saw on my projector panels at classes, I literally can't. Sooo now I'm off packing, buying stuff for the trip and dancing in front of the mirror! C-ya! Sea of love, S. :)

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