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Traveling series

I've been thinking about that one quote ''Take your camera wherever you go..'' and realized I leave my Canon unused too many times even though I take him almost everywhere I go. I'm always afraid that some day I'll be old and forgetful and won't remember so many amazing parts of my life, moments that are infinitive and people who made my heart warm, so I photograph everything that makes me feel something. I realized that if you wanna be a good photographer you have to wake up, eat, live and sleep with your camera around your neck, you have to take as many photos as possible and photograph even things you don't like to learn new things and grow from it. Continuous progress is better than delayed pleasure. On that notice, few days ago I decided to 'live with my Canon'. I want to take photos that make people move, photos that don't leave anyone indifferent, photos that say 'I was here and this is world through my eyes.' Since I travel often to my home town, trips can be so long and exhausting sometimes, but instead of sleeping or just looking out the window and making my mind go mad, this time I took my Canon and made him a part of my being. So here are the results, hope you guys enjoy it. Sea of love, S.



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