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Zagreb photo diary

I love adventures. I love being away from home and feeling lost in the crowds of people. I love the smell of something different from ordinary and I love getting excited about everything. I'm a tourist. Everything is adventure for me, everything is full of joy for me, and I get happy about everything and anything. Many people wonder why am I like that and many people are unsatisfied with small things, the little things. Most of us wait for something big to happen and don't pay attention to the little joys and small pieces of magic that every day brings. Life's not made of big things. You'll get maybe five of those in your lifetime, so if you wait for them to happen, you'll end up sad for the rest of your life. Life is like a sand, few rocks are in the sand, so untill you find top of the rock, try being happy with just barefoot walk on the warm ground. Sea of love, S.



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