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Postcards from Florence pt.I.

When I think about traveling, I think about finding my home far away from home and finding myself in the most unusual places, lost in the masses of people, staring at the artworks of my favorite artists and drinking coffee while sitting down on the edge of the sidewalk. Traveling to Florence was all this, but even better and more magical than I could ever expect.. Five days spent there were five days of pure living like there's no tomorrow, and coming back home made me realize so many important things in my life, and how getting away is actually getting back to the real you. Our schedule was pretty piled up every day, but my friends and I found time to go out at night, at the most amazing clubs, to sing on karaoke and to drink cocktails untill dawn at our hostel yard. Visiting galleries like Accademia, of Uffizi, was a dream come true, especially when we ran into Palazzo Strozzi and found out that there's an exhibition of modern art from Kandinsky to Pollock. Visiting Accademia and seeing Michelangelo's David made my eyes wet and my soul full of this unusual energy and hope. I stared at him for 45 minutes, and when we had to go I carved up every single curve of his body in my brain so I never lose that sense of inspiration and feeling like I'm made for something more than usual. Getting lost in crowds of people made me feel really small and I fell in love with that feeling, I fell in love with every kind stranger that showed us direction, and every little coffee shop on the corner of every bright magical street. I felt high all the time, like my euphoria and happiness couldn't ever end. We laughed all the time, music was playing in my head and I felt invited to be a part of life, life that's more than the one I'm living now. I saw endless possibility and I promised myself that I'm gonna live there someday no matter what. Venice took my heart but I couldn't see myself living there, just like in most of the places I visited, but Florence, oh.. Since I just have to share with you all the magic, I've decided to separate my photos into two or maybe three posts, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, pack your bags and just go! I promise you, you won't be sorry. Sea of love, S.

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