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Say Hi to Ilka + random facts about me

Hi there :) Hope you had a long relaxed weekend and can now attack this week with full body and mind achievement attitude. Week and a few days ago my dearest foreign friend Ilka who I mentioned a couple of times in my posts, decided to open up a blog! Let me just tell you that this girl is truly an incredible being and a really inspiring and magical soul, and finding out I was her inspiration for making her blog come to life was like a biggest wave of love and happiness that came across me :) I'm really happy to see that my blog can inspire people for all kind of stuff and that also inspires me, so good work is a circle of productivity and happiness, so every day do something that will make you better, but also to move someone close to you, so they can produce something amazing. Ilka and I met over Instagram last Summer, started commenting and liking each other photos and like by like got into long happy messages over Facebook and presents for Christmas and birthdays. I believe somewhere around middle of June will be our one year of Instagram friendship, and I hope by that time we're gonna meet in person, share some pretty thoughts and iced coffee or wine hahah. Her first post was 'Get to know me' where she shared some random facts about her, and it got me into thinking how I started my blog, with a poem and few photos, not introducing myself in a proper way. 
It would mean the world to me if you could take a few seconds of your time and come visit Ilkas beautiful blog :) Here's the link: http://ilkaeliseb.com/
And now, as my beautiful friend inspired me to do, here are some random facts about me. Hope you enjoy it. Until next time. Sea of love, S.

I have a gypsy heart and soul and I always feel like I don't belong.

I'm a dog person, but I have two cats (which I adore no matter).

My favorite drinks are coffee and yoghurt.

I have 16 cacti, favorite plants, and would love to have a huge garden just for them.

I only feel pretty when my hair is long.

My favorite song at the moment is Justin Bieber, Love Yourself ( crazy right?)

In my previous life I believe I was a soul singer that lived in the 50's in San Francisco.

I love wine.

I have a fetish for notebooks, diaries and planners.

I'm a big feminist.

I don't like eating meat.

I ALWAYS wear black eye liner.

My favorite color is black.

My first love was fashion, and my biggest love ever.

I almost never leave my home without my Canon (except when I go to college).

I love early mornings.

My favorite season is Summer even thought I was born in Winter.

Sometimes I'm a paradox for myself.

I'm a really happy person.

Little things matter most to me.

My favorite band is Alt-J. <3

I love taking selfies.

I love to work.

Traveling and getting lost are one of the best feelings for me.

My favorite clothing pieces are mid skirts.

I'm a passionate smoker.

I never leave my home without headphones and my dream journal.

I love my body.

I love reading inspirational quotes.

My mom is my best friend.

I love being alone.

I love to craft, express and create.

I believe that your answer to everything should be 'yolo'.

I love writing.

Deep, meaningful conversations are the best for me.

And I'm grateful for all the people in my life and the people who read my blog and support me. <3

P.S. This is my favorite photo of me.

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