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Touchable happiness

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this start of the week won't fall so hard on you and I hope you'll have enough energy and will to do amazing things for the upcoming days. I've been very bussy these last couple of days (and still am) but I just had to make time to write and share with you my latest adventures. For the weekend I was back in my home town and Friday morning I traveled to Osijek to meet up with my favorite fellow blogger Victorija. It always surprises me how fun and amazing this girl is, and we had such great time recording 'vlogs' that were so funny and stupid haha, went shopping for new lipstick and glitter nail polish, talked about everything and anything, and took some great photos you can see below. :) Hangouts with her always inspire me for everything and I'm so gratefull to call this girl my friend. In the Summer I hope we'll be able to spend more time together and produce more content for our blogs.
Since I allready mentioned that I'm pretty busy today's post will be short, but since my weekend in my hometown was pretty amazing and productive, new blogpost will be up soon, where I'll share more of my new outfits and a few of my latest thouhts about life and us as people. The philosopher in me never sleeps!
I wish you all sucessfull and productive week, thank you all for your support and we'll read each other soon. Sea of love, S.

 ''Be happy about sucess of others because there is enough for everyone.'' :)

Grand Cafe coffee and coconut latte <3

Victorija in her instagram moment, taking photos of strawberries. :)


You're not the only one who sees how bad my tattoo looks. Hahaha.

Dress- Mango
Lace bralette- New Yorker
Bag- Pimkie 
Long sweater- H&M
Boots- H&M
Hat- Stradivarius
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